Helter & Omer Asim SS17 LFW

My final stop on my London Fashion Week wanders took me back to Elms Lesters Painting Rooms for the incredible Helter and Omer Asim collections.

We actually only had tickets to the Omer Asim show but the rather lovely studio man allowed us to pop up to Helter Studios too for some quick snaps!

Designers Jeraldine Ng and Willis Tan were inspired by the sea for Helter’s fascinating presentation. Models were encased in a dark, shadowy set with strips of lighting casting beams of light down onto the garments, mimicking how the sun splits through the ocean waves. What resulted was an enchanting look, showcasing the minimal, striking collection in an incredibly clever spin.

Next up, we had the beautiful Omer Asim collection.

Stepping into the room it almost felt as though we had walked into a piece of installation art. Models were stood on raised pillars, towering over the audience, and looking dead ahead in a strong stance.

At first we stayed ‘behind the line’ in a true British fashion, trying to take snaps of all the beautiful angles presented, until one member (possibly part of the exasperated crew at us overly polite audience) moved into the space, beckoning us to follow.

This genius idea meant you were able to get really up close and personal to the garmets – taking in every detail from the raw hems and strong lines, to the striking metal jewellery and graphic paint adorning the models feet and hands.

A powerful and clever presentation from Asim.



Both Helter and Omer Asim led visually striking and incredibly clever presentations, and, for my final Fashion Week event, I felt privileged to have been able to be present.

Next up in my London Fashion Week mini-series… Head Dresser at House of MEA!

Until next time lovelies x


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