Fyodor Golan SS17 Presentation LFW

My final time dressing backstage for London Fashion Week SS17 brought me to the doors (or should I say basement) of the ever cool Vinyl Factory in Soho for Fyodor Golan.

The collection was, visually, one of the most striking I had seen: intense neon bursts of colour tempered with rich denim and sports luxe attire, the silhouettes were both strong and feminine. Structured shirting and boxy jackets were juxtaposed with girly ruffles and intricate floral embroidery. This mix led to a heady fusion of graphic, fierce and ultimately feminine females – role models for the strong, independent but girly modern woman.

Backstage the press were swarming around our models – with such a visually interesting collection, the camera flashes were near on continuous until the presentation began. But the models were all incredibly professional, allowing us to rush in with our phones once the heavy duty lot had got their pics.

Whilst dressing backstage was an incredible opportunity to see how top industry professionals work and to soak in as much inspiration and information about how a fashion week event works…the best bit?

We got to also see the show…

Using huge multimedia screens projecting vibrant colours as gorgeous backdrops, the models strutted out whilst the audience had heavy beats filling their ears through personal headsets handed out at the start of the show .

The clever mix of sound, visuals and effects created a heady and intricate atmosphere, whilst the lighting bounced off the metallic and neon shimmers from the collection, giving it an almost otherworldly, sci-fi feel.

It was a beautiful, powerful and entrancing way to end my London Fashion Week experience and one that I will never forget.

Until next time lovelies x


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