Steven Tai SS17 LFW: Backstage

So the time is upon us as once again the fashion elite rolls into town in a whirl of stepped hem frayed denim and iPhone 7’s. But the biggest difference this year… I’m a part of it!!

If you’ve been following my Instagram you’ll know I recently started at the London College of Style to finally pursue my dream career in styling – part of which involves exclusive access both front and backstage at London Fashion Week, which is absolutely amazing oh my god I can’t believe I get to do this and call it my job?!!!  amazing.

Kicking off the series…

Dressing backstage at Steven Tai SS17

Steven’s presentation at the unbelievably cool Elms Lesters Painting Rooms saw his troop of stunning girls dressed in minimal culottes, beautiful ruffles, feminine tones and the Tai classic: geeky glasses. From the simple yet striking visuals to the effortless ensembles, I fell head over heels for Tai’s nerdy girls… sign me up for some new specs…

As my first experience ever dressing , let alone at the iconic London Fashion Week, I must say it was an incredibly pleasant experience! It was nerve wracking and I started off feeling surprisingly shy! But after meeting the lovely Alice (Studio Manager and Pattern Cutter for Steven) and being coached through the gorgeous looks, I quickly got into the swing of things and actually found myself feeding on the amazing energy that filled the room.

With hair, makeup, dressers, runners, models, photographers, styling and of course the designer himself flooding a tiny backstage space, it was all hands on deck. I certainly learned how to be quick, agile, logical and above all positive all at once. Skills I am thankful to say came fairly naturally!

It seemed like the presentation was over in a minute but I went away feeling confident, giddy and unbelievably honoured to be able to say I was part of such an incredible collection.

Until next time lovelies x


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