Frayed Hem Denim…

The last time I brought a denim mini skirt I was 14 years old, clutching my weekend wages at Tammy Girl (holla if you remember that gem of a store!). What resulted was the shortest thing I could find that my dad would let me out of the house wearing and was worn religiously for the next 4 years.

Since those hazy high school days, I’ve always regarded denim mini’s as the ultimate depiction of teen dreams, fueled by cheeky snogs behind the bike shed and trying not to get caught nicking a bit of your parents’ booze cabinet to take to your mates’ house party…

Until now…

Outfit: Primark, Primark oh and Primark

Since some serious Insta stalking, I’ve become obsessed with frayed hems. But as my short arse petite pins have been struggling to find any ankle grazer jeans that actually show off my ankle, I’ve been at a loss.

Step in: The Frayed Hem Mini.

This cutie has added gorgeousness in the form of the button down, back-to-school appeal (minus the loitering in a park).

And considering I’m starting my course with London College of Style next week, I’d say it’s pretty apt.

The full outfit was the result of a bank holiday Primark haul- sorry bank balance – but I’ve linked some of my fave online frayed hem pretties below;

New Look

Asos here & there



Until next time lovelies x


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Izzy Watts says:

    HOLLA!! That shop was all I needed as a teenager!! Haha great blog, love the skirt…you have tempted me into getting one!!


    1. Haha! Wasn’t it just the mecca of fashion when we were teens?! Oh good, yes embrace the frayed hems, they are awesome πŸ™‚ x


  2. Great blog, enjoyed reading this! Check out my blog! X


    1. Thanks so much Alicia πŸ™‚ I will definitely have a nosey at your blog today! X


  3. imeastyle says:

    I love this outfit, it is cute, stylish and comfy at the same time. For me it could be the perfect back to school outfit. πŸ™‚

    //Timi from


    1. Aw thanks so much Timi, I’m glad you liked it! It is super comfy too 😊


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