The Great British Summer Outfit …

Ah, Summer…

One weekend can be ultimate bliss – grabbing a DIY BBQ and a crate of cool Corona’s to head to the park where overzealous adults attempt to be the next Usain Bolt of rounders…

The next has you clamouring for some thermal knits and a hot chocolate whilst huddled in a tent in 50mph gale winds (yup that was me approximately 5 days ago…).

Needless to say dressing for Summer on our fair isle can be pretty taxing at best, especially if you don’t want to spend 90% of your paycheck trying to buy for every weather eventuality.

So I’ve scoured my mini wardrobe for the best items to take you from sweating half your body weight off on the underground to trying not to let your toes fall off in the cinema’s aircon…

Slouchy Tee: Primark

Boyfriend Jeans: H&M

Flatform Sneakers: Mango

Necktie/Headscarf: New Look

Layered Necklaces & Lace Bralette: Forever 21

This slouchy tee and beaten up boyfriend jeans combo is perfect for catching a breeze on a sticky day, but with enough coverage to keep your vitals warm should a passing hailstorm (it’s happened) decide to pop by.

I’ve paired it with my faithful necktie/new headscarf which keeps those stray hairs from sticking to your face whilst you try not to faint on the tube, plus the covered toe of these flatform sneakers means should it decide to absolutely piss it down start raining, you’re not going to get frostbite.

Oh, and the necklaces and lacy bralette are new and too cute not to include!

Everything is a mix of new, old and somewhere in between but I’ve linked some of my other fave wardrobe items, that’ll work hard for you come rain or shine, below…


Asos here & there

New Look

Forever 21

Until next time lovelies x


2 Comments Add yours

  1. I have been in love with bralettes and layering necklaces! Love your outfit ❤


    1. Thanks so much! I know, aren’t bralettes the best! So cute and comfy 😊


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