A Velveteen Top & That Silk Bomber …

About a month ago I had a fit of fancy and purchased two items that I would normally shy very much away from. Not because they are not drop dead gorgeous, which by the way I now think they are, but because the main colour palette is… pink.

For the girl who is more khaki than coral, I never thought I’d be putting an outfit together which had more shades of pink than you could shake a legally blonde stick at… but it turns out, I’m totally digging it right now…

Velveteen Tee, Silky Bomber & Ankle Boots: Primark

Skinnies: H&M

This velveteen t-shirt in the perfect dusty shade of pink has taken me from the office to the bar, looking equally badass with a smart pencil skirt to beaten up boyfriend jeans. I love its versatility, its coolness and its nod to my deeply hidden girly side.

Then there’s the bomber… late to the fashion party as always, I knew I wanted a bomber jacket and just couldn’t resist this silky little number. With its sports-luxe vibe and feminine embroidery (with 3 shades of pink FYI), I love the way it fits like a slightly boxy but ultimately perfect glove.

Paired together with some skintight jeans and beaten up boots, I feel like the shabby chic, tomboy member of the Pink Ladies… #TellMeAboutItStud

Both pretties are currently at Primark but I’ve linked some of my other fave pink fiends below that’ll be releasing your inner Hipster Barbie before you can say Bubblegum  …

New Look 

Forever 21

H&M here and there

Until next time lovelies x


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Pat says:

    This is a really cool outfit! You and your photographer do an impressive job. You might be late to the bomber party, but I’m glad you came. You wear bombers very well. I like that you pulled up the sleeves, most people don’t do that. You’ve convinced me I need to start pulling them up on my own jackets.


    1. Aw thanks so much Pat 🙂 I’ll send you compliments on to my husband/photographer 🙈. Yes definitely start pulling up your sleeves! I actually started because I am quite petite and found that most long sleeved tops were too long and it’s now become a habit, I’m glad you approve 🙂 x


  2. Pat says:

    I tried it earlier today and I liked it! I normally leave the sleeves of long sleeve tops down, but I think I’m joining the sleeves up club.


    1. Yessss!! Glad you tried it and liked it! It can make an outfit look totally different, so lots more options! 🙂


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