The Subtle Band Tee…

My bestie recently told me she loved how I mixed cheaper, fast-fashion with higher end, more expensive (read over a tenner) items on my blog. She told me it is my thing, my niche, my brand… and I am wholeheartedly compelled to agree!

I have always been a bit of a bargain hunter; thrifting through charity shops and outlet rails to find that perfect bomber jacket or boxy jeans.

So in homage to that notion, this post is all about mixing it up – throwing some good old fast-fashion from the ever faithful Primark, with a little bit of high-end high street with my new found fave retailer, Mango.

Band Tee: Primark

Jeans: H&M

Flatforms: Mango

I actually surprised myself by falling for this simple tee in Primark – I love its ‘handstitched’ vibe and the casual nod to everyone’s favourite rock band without it screaming fangirl (not that I don’t love a good obnoxiously loud item… I’m looking at you gorgeously ugly, tiger print flatforms).

It also has my birth year on it… #destinedforeachother

It’s minimalist, low-key but yells cool, and paired with some skintight denim and loud-and-proud kicks, it has fast become one of my favourite outfits to date.

The Primark tee can be found in store, but I have linked some of my other fave minimalist tee’s below (plus you have to check out the Mango sale site…seriously it is too good to miss):

Monki @ Asos

New Look – nod to the cat lovers out there

H&M: here and there


Until next time lovelies x



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