Bounding through Bali …

We have finally reached beautiful Bali, one of the highlights of our trip for me before we left, and it has most definitely not disappointed…

Our starting point was cheeky Kuta – cue lots of sun, sand, surfing and plenty of Bintang chucked in for good measure! A speedy jet boat ride then landed us in gorgeous Gili Air for a week of relaxing and snorkeling, before heading back to our final Bali stop – the ever enchanting Ubud…







On a side note: this last shot is my absolute favourite. As we were taking some shots this little girl popped out of a nearby doorway and started to slowly, shyly slide towards me on the wall, her curious little eyes fixed on me. After I turned to smile at her she did a little grin and scampered back towards her doorway safety. I left in love x

Striped Tank – H&M
Denim Shorts – Cotton On
Jewellery – collected along the way
Slip On’s – Vans

Until next time lovelies…



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