Day Trippin’ in Melbourne …

Another day, another country… honestly sometimes it feels like we have been away for a year then I turn around and think ‘wait what how are we already over half way through our journey?!’

New Zealand was amazing and will stay in my heart forever, especially Queenstown… you crazy drunken beauty… but now we’ve headed over the pond to the land down under!

We are actually road tripping up Aussie’s East coast in our beauty of a camper (photos to come of the beast soon I promise) and after a speedy pick up in Adelaide we toured up to the arty mecca that is Melbourne.



The stop started in disaster with a rainy cold day and the camper going in to the shop after the mechanic told us *insert thick Aussie accent here* ‘Yeah, it’s basically retarded mate’… awesome! But never fear, Barbara was returned to us with a face lift and a new lease of life…fingers crossed she doesn’t croak towards Sydney…

So with only one full day to spare and wanting to avoid the mega tourist spots we headed in to wander the streets and soak up some of the local sights.



I fell in love with Melbourne’s sense of fun – from quirky cafes dotted down little alleyways to the breathtaking street art around every corner. Federation square was a bustling hub of pop up stalls and comedy acts whist St Kilda had a relaxed beachy vibe with coffee and cake shops in abundance.



Alas we leave tomorrow (first stopping at Healesville animal sanctuary which I am SO excited about… I’m talking about Wombats people!!) but Melbourne will remain in my heart forever and in future plans for new adventures…

So, ever been to Melbourne? Any secret havens to check out in Sydney? Let me know in the comments below….

Meanwhile I’m off to the research the legalities behind smuggling a Wombat in to my rucksack …



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