Graffiti Streets

We are in New Zealand and loving life!

Sunbathing in Paihai, cave adventures in Waitomo, cliff diving in Rotorua and graffiti hunting in Taupo…

With 2 days to spare and an ever dwindling budget we skipped the costly activities on the tour and instead took to wandering around this little town.

After stopping for a banging salad at Yo Fresh (after 10 days of pasta and fast food some colour on the plate was heavenly!) We looked up to see one little flyer for a graffiti tour nearby – no tour guide or big groups just a simple map and your own two feet, we were sold.

And it turns out it made a pretty killer shoot location too.

Neutral basics are my go to NZ travel gear and these roughed up skinnies, slouchy tee and comfy slip on Vans are the perfect travel buddies…









Top: Basics Warehouse (local store)
Jeans: H&M (with a few rips and scuffs added by me)
Shoes: Vans
Bag: Etsy (custom leather satchel)
Jewellery: all finds from SE Asia travels (including the genuine knockoff Raybans!)

Hope you like the snappy posts, more to come soon!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Toad says:

    Ah these photos are awesome. The colourful backgrounds against the neutrals look incredible, and I love the way they’re framed.


    1. Thanks Patchwork Toad!! It was such a fun day!! 🙂 xx


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