{Something New} Having A Spring Clean …

When I first started this blog my biggest fear was words…

What if I ran out? What if my posts were super short and boring? What if I got writers block halfway through?!

It turns out I can babble on for ages!! To my avid followers, thank you for the patience and eye strain, to my casual readers, apologies for the ramblings…

So, with this in mind, I have decided to freshen things up around here. Yes, I will still be doing the longer more detailed posts (turns out I quite like to talk!). But I will also be interspersing them with some shorter, snappier pieces focusing specifically on what I love the most – fashion! Outfit pics, detail shots, local fashion and current trends, I am hoping to bring a plethora of visual treats your way so stay tuned!


And that is it for today (I know right under 200 words!) What do you think? Any fashion requests? What are your favourite things to read/browse through? Let me know in the comments below…

Now… I’m off to edit some beauties for you…



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