Teva Travels …

We are just over 3 weeks into our travels and oh my we have seen a lot!! 3 countries, 9 cities, 3 train rides, 1 bumpy plane and a whole lot of walking in between. And what has been by my side throughout it all… my faithful Teva’s of course! (and my husband too but he’s a given right?) …

When we first decided to go travelling I knew with my gammy feet, flip flops just wouldn’t suffice so was on the hunt for some sturdy sandals which were uber comfy, not too expensive and didn’t make me look like a total travel nerd (not sure I managed that one but I’ll get to that…)

So after some research, Teva looked like a trusted brand to try out, and if my dad could have a pair then so could I (again not too sure about the nerd thing…).

They arrived, I tried them on, I ummed and ahhed about them – was the colour a bit dowdy, am I going to be able to wear them with all my clothes, do they make my tiny size 3’s look like paddles… the answer being yes, no, yes…  but I have gotta say over the last 3 weeks they have been my godsend.



Where cheap market flip flops blistered my toes and shopping centre sandals carved a chunk out of my foot (this is still painful!) my trusty Teva’s have never led me astray being comfy, cool and easy to throw on and off at temples – and with a bit of roughing up here and adding an anklet there they are looking less geek and more chic (hippie chic) by the day.

We have wandered down tiny back alleys of sleepy towns, hopped on and off scooters, scrambled up the edge of waterfalls and jumped off boats to rocky shores. We have skipped, stumbled, meandered, tiptoed and even jogged together.



I am a true Teva convert… currently perfecting my Teva Tan much to the amusement of my husband… and I cannot wait to see where they will lead me to next…

So what do you think? Are you a Teva lover or a Flip Flop supreme? Any travel shoes you can’t go away without? Let me know in the comments below…

Now I’m off to find some more jewellery… perfecting that traveller style one anklet at a time..


4 Comments Add yours

    1. Thanks That First Hello 😄


  1. Beth cook says:

    Looking good!! You make them look cool!


    1. Haha thanks Beth!! I am trying my hardest 😉 xx


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