Pom Poms and Prints…

After a very relaxing break from blogging over Christmas with family I am feeling refreshed and ready to get on it again…. oh yeah, and we’re totally in Asia now…!

We have now spent a week in Bangkok and oh my what a city! The sights, sounds, smells (my god the smells… it can go from glorious fragrant street food sizzling away to the most pungent, nose invading smell I have ever encountered… I don’t even know what it is?!! What is on this earth that can smell that bad and not be dead… maybe it’s dead?! Sorry slight tangent…) and the people are amazing but for me the best part… the COLOUR!

I have been blown away by the vibrancy of the city – everything from fresh pomegranates being sold on the street corner to the maze of market stalls selling all sorts of different items – toys, postcards, flip flops, lanterns and even tiny birds – but there was a certain type of stall that pulled me to it like a sailor to a siren call … clothes clothes clothes!!


Yes I have been a mega tourist and been wooed by every pair of elephant print hippie pants, original knock off havaianas and Chang beer vest tops but my husband and my bank balance managed to convince me not to splurge our entire budget on these things…

But if course I had to buy something!!

My first purchase was these awesome pom pom hippie shorts – they are light, breezy, insanely comfortable and they have pom poms on them… pom poms!

Are they incredibly touristy? Yes. Are they probably going to fall apart in about a month? You bet your ass. Do I love them more than any other item in my travel wardrobe? Hell yeah I do!!

Also, they were the equivalent of about £3 so a winner in my eyes!



The next purchase was one I had been told would be my life line – it can be used to drape over my shoulders when feeling chilly or modest, folded up as a pillow, wrapped as a skirt, used as a towel and even twisted in to a bag – it’s the trusty sarong of course!

I was lured over to a street stall by the beautiful array of colours and when my eyes settled on this one I knew I was in love – turquoise, pink and even a little yellow, it is such a beauty in my eyes I love it!



We have wrapped up our first week of travels in Bangkok and await a train to Chiang Mai for a bit more of a chilled out time, I’m thinking iced coffee, volunteering at the elephant sanctuary and maybe even some trekking if we can tear ourselves away from the pool!

So what do you think? Have any travel must have’s? Embrace the hippie pants or avoid like the plague?! Let me know in the comments below…

In the meantime I’m off to hunt down some snacks for the loooong train journey ahead!


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