I’m Having a Tartan Moment …

I have always been a lover of patterns and my winter wardrobe definitely has its fill – from preppy Breton striped tees to silky winter floral blazers and even some cheeky houndstooth thrown in for good measure.

But my favourite festive print? It’s gotta be Tartan…

I love tartan (or plaid – whichever term tickles your fancy… actually after some research I cannot see a distinguishing factor between the two terms so if you know otherwise, please, do tell!) and come the colder months my go to throw on is something with those defining crisscross of stripes.

So of course, when I decided to write this post I had a rummage through my house to accumulate all of my tartan lovelies and I realised… I have quite the collection! From oversized lumberjack shirts, girly fitted dresses, snuggly pyjama bottoms and winter bed sheets. I even have a tartan tablet case…!


My absolute faves have to be my shirts and scarves – throw a tartan lumberjack over some leather skinnes and boots for casual Friday chic , drape a soft tartan scarf over your favourite little black dress for a festive evening pop and of course bundle up in a beautiful tartan blanket scarf for those chilly weekend walks and inevitable pub lunches!






Tartan is versatile, simple, fun and most importantly a snuggly layer for these chillier months, I simply adore it.

So what do you think? Are you a pattern lover of more of a monochrome babe? Love a bit of tartan come the winter season? Let me know in the comments below…

Now, I’m off to convince my husband to relinquish yet another of his purchases…


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