Bright, Body Loving Bikinis!

When we booked our travels I smugly… sorry ‘quickly’… realised we will mainly be frequenting hot climates, thus meaning I needed to get my hands on some new bikinis! Unfortunately, my brain did not really pick up on this until late Autumn… and yes I know… it’s not exactly bikini season…

SO, I spent the next few weeks perusing various sites and ordering all sorts of different sets. I tried the neon contrast trend, cute floral numbers and even simple sporty black. Yet parcel after parcel arrived only to be swiftly returned. Needless to say, it turns out that when you have a body shape like mine (not much up top and too much down bottom) you can’t easily fit into any style no matter how adorable it looks on the models online.

Now I don’t know about you but spending money on bikinis, waiting for them to arrive and getting all excited just to try them on, feel like a pasty whale and then return them so many times the local postie actually says ‘oh not another one’ to you is not the most confidence boosting exercise… and after my 6th set I threw a pretty solid tantrum whilst hiding under a blanket.


Then my husband said the most wonderful thing… ‘Erm why are you buying new ones when the ones you have look great on you…?!’

In all of my excitement of buying new things for our adventures I had totally forgotten I already had some great bikinis I loved and had been torturing myself for no good reason!

So here are my 2 travel bikinis and one set of board shorts I will be taking…


The first set is my bright sporty Billabong duo. It is pretty, looks great with a tan and is robust enough that I won’t have a mishap should I want to go to do any mild water sports…




The second set is a cheap Primark pair which was brought absolutely years ago yet have faired incredibly well and not worn at all. I love the bright colours (also very flattering with said tan) and the clash of patterns is adorable. It is a little skimpier than my Billabong set so will use this on the more touristy beaches (or underneath a tee and my board shorts for more conservative areas)…




Finally my board shorts.  Again these are Billabong – I just love the brand as it’s great quality, cute and accommodates ladies with a little more junk in the trunk! They will also double up as shorts on laundry day… bonus!



On a side note – I contemplated changing my sheets to a plain white background for this post but I love the fact that I am posting about bikinis with Christmas sheets in the background! It really defines how I’m feeling right now… a mix of uber childlike excitement in the run up to Christmas – I’m thinking cheese, Christmas coffees in Starbucks and of course mulled wine – and giddy, jittery butterflies at the idea that in 5 weeks I will be jetting off to the other side on the world!!!

So what do you think? Any fave bikini styles for those pears out there? What is your go to bikini brand? Let me know in the comments below…

Now I’m off to do some crunches to prep for all the Christmas weight I fully intend to put on…


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  1. Izzy Watts says:

    Love this honest wonderful post! Bikini shopping is the most difficult, bearing your whole body to the world is a scary thought! During my travels I lost a lot of weight and my usually sizeable boobs shrank and I couldn’t fill any of my usual bikinis so I had to do some very rushed shopping in Melbourne and I came away with just one bikini which I LOVE and wear nearly every day in australia! The make is Jets. It’s really quite expensive but I decided to spend the money on one bikini that I felt good in, rather than compromising and buying two and not feeling as good (I have to wash my bikini everyday now which is annoying but worth it). I still get massive bikini envy over here but I’m really pleased with the one I have and so glad you found ones you are happy with too cuz you are going to spend a lot of time in them!! 🙂


    1. I dread bikini shopping any way but to have to do it ONLINE is just the worst!!! Never ever again I swear! I’m hoping if I lose any weight whilst I’m away these will do as they are a little snug at the moment so we will see how it goes! I’m just pleased I have some fun, bright sets that I love and I don’t have to try any more on haha! 😄 x


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