Hair To Make The Boys Stare…

In preparation for our travels I decided to chop all of my hair off recently (long thick hair plus heat and humidity did not fill me with joy) but with a great new hair do comes great responsibility… read great amount of effort to adopt different hair styles every day – gone are the days of just scruffing it up in to a messy topknot in 2 seconds!

Now I am not one for long and complicated hair styles. Whilst I love perusing Pinterest on a Saturday and dreaming of all the wonderfully intricate plaited pretties I could do I always end up being too lazy and giving up halfway through in favour of a scruffy up do. Plus factor in the colder mornings meaning I have zero desire to get out of my cosy bed an extra half an hour early to do my hair.

This means I have committed to finding some easy styles for my short lob which get the hair away from my face but still makes me look like I have put in at least a little bit of effort…

Firstly… my arsenal:


  • Boots dry shampoo – slightly chalkier than Batiste which works perfectly for my naturally oily hair.
  • H&M kirby grips – these are super strong and I love that the gold colour pops in my hair. I gave up trying to hide the clips years ago so now go for cute styles!
  • Butterfly clips – gone are the days when these are banished for 5 year olds only, these bad boys are my go to clip to just get hair off my face in one quick flick of the wrist.

Now for my fave travel friendly do’s…

The Deep Side Part



Simple yet incredibly effective at sweeping the hair off my forehead.

The Twist Back



When the side parting is falling a bit flat this is great – I just twist the front hair back and secure with a butterfly clip.

The Half Up Do



Forgoing the parting this time I simply gather half my hair up as if to go in to a pony but instead do a little twist at the back and secure with that old faithful butterfly clip.

The Half Topknot



Cool, simple hipster chic … need I say more?!

The Tiny Topknot


The original but with a little less up top and some trusty kirby grips at the back to secure flyaway. Currently I like to criss-cross the grips to make a pretty pattern but let’s see how long that lasts when I’m sweating away in the back of a tuk tuk…

On a side note: My apologies for the photo quality – I unexpectedly become an Auntie this weekend (mum and baby are fine!) so we rushed back to Suffolk with the blog far from my mind… hence a mad dash this morning to cobble some piccies together!  

So far I am loving these easy up do’s and hope they will remain faithful to me throughout our travels – plus as my hair grows (I am attempting to cut my hair as little as possible  without looking too homeless whilst we’re away…) I will be able to add a few more styles to my list!

So what do you think? Go any top tips for simple styles? Any shorties out there with go to do’s? Let me know in the comments below…

In the meantime I’m off to master some sort of plait before we go…bring it on fishtail…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Izzy Watts says:

    Love these hair styles! Thank so r the tips, I’m loving the half top knot! Another of my favourites for a day when I can’t find a shower and the humidity is making me look like a yeti is the mini mouse double bun cute look! It’s random, my boyfriend cannot get on board with it, I look a bit quirky but I can’t help but love it!!! 🙂


    1. I love that look, super cute on you! My hair is a bit too short at the moment to double bun without a lot of pins (which I will inevitably lose when travelling!) But definitely one to try out when I get a bit more length!! 😙 x


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