Finding Those Perfect Specs …

With four weeks left at work (please excuse me whilst I try not to sound INCREDIBLY smug when I say that…) the past few weekends have been filled with picking up a few more travel essentials (including our actual bags… more to come on that in a future post!)

Oh and THESE bad boys…

The latest travel haul contains packing cubes (these are literally the best things known to man) running shorts (heat and humidity… need I say more?), stripes (because who can go without stripes in their wardrobe!) and a lovely little travel mug which I am hoping to have my morning brew from (what do they say about taking the girl out of Britain?).



For those that follow me on Instagram you’ll know I’m an avid glasses wearer but come our decision to throw three sheets to the wind and travel the world I decided I simply must wear contact lenses…

It turns out however, that I have an extremely high natural response to not putting something foreign in to my eye…Β  oh and contact lenses are the devil.

SO! After several appointments, lots of eye prodding, one contact lense actually getting in there for a brief triumphant 5 seconds then falling out and my eyes going a pretty distinct shade of red I decided contact lenses probably weren’t for me…

So my thoughts turned towards prescription sun glasses… but aren’t they just going to be horrid, slightly tinted gaudy frames that only your nan would wear?

Turns out no!!



These particular frames were actually sold as normal glasses but the lovely ladies at Specsavers informed me I could change any normal lenses to sunglasses … hurrah! I also got another pair of simple rayban-esque frames and with buy one get one free (plus a little extra for the lenses) I got both pairs for under Β£100 – bargain!!

So what do you think? Love your contacts? Or can’t get enough of your prescription pretties?

Let me know in the comments below…

In the meantime I’m in search for some winter sun to try out these bad boys…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Izzy Watts says:

    You rock the glasses look but due to the traumer of having to wear glasses at school (these were the days when they weren’t cool) I have it ingrained in me that I look like a loser when I wear mine so I am an avid contact lense wearer HOWEVER lazy days on the beach (of which there are many) are not the same without an afternoon nap in the sun and I can’t sleep with my lenses in so I went for prescription sun glasses too. I also thought they would be horrible styles but I found some gorgeous cat eye shaped ones which look great, I feel great in them and most importantly- I get my afternoon naps in πŸ˜†πŸ˜‰ x


    1. I was so surprised at the styles and choices I was clearly living in the stone ages! I would love to be able to wear contacts but my eyes just hate them! Maybe I’ll have another go when we’re back and I have more time to poke myself in the face haha πŸ˜€ x


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