On Friday We Buy Hats…

I have been with my husband for 9 and a half years now, married for just over 1, and last Friday he said something I never thought would come out of his mouth…

“You know what… if I could shop for one thing for the rest of my life… it would be hats…”

So guess what we did on our Friday night!

Just across the road from my work is a lovely little space called Craft Central, EC1. It hosts all sorts of fabulous pop-ups throughout the year which tempt me in with their funky handmade gorgeousness… and the latest hit… a gorgeous hat boutique called Das Marcas.

Now we went in of course for the husband. But it would have been rude not to try on a few myself right?! 40 minutes later and I’m leaving with an absolute beaut of a trilby – gorgeous tones, soft felt, beautiful fit and with a London designer behind it, it really is perfection…




To my dismay Saturday was SO dismal (seriously, people were only leaving the house for foolishly pre-arranged brunches or emergency Netflix supplies…) so I was unable to debut my latest buy. But thankfully Sunday was much nicer albeit still a bit grey (it is still Britain after all).

So Sunday afternoon called for a local stroll and some cheeky snaps…







I am SO pleased with my latest addition to the winter wardrobe and I’m excited to try out some more combos… I’m thinking suede skirt and chunky knit, plaid shirt and ripped skinnies or even a cute dress with long boots could be a winner…

So what about you? Have your own hat collection? Spied a felt beauty you just must get your hands on? Let me know in the comments below…

Now… how to justify wearing this in the office everyday…


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