Stolen Knits & Comfy Kicks…

So we’re officially in November! I adore this time of year as I can start drowning in glorious Xmas coffees, feast on Sunday roasts (not too many mind… still need to fit in to a bikini in 2 months…) and more importantly get all my gorgeous snuggly winter knits out.

But I have a confession…. I’m a bit of a thief…

Now don’t worry, I haven’t been donning a balaclava and doing a smash and grab at Uniqlo… but I have been partaking in a bit of 2nd party pinching.

Now this could come in the form of my husband’s lumberjack shirt, which paired with slick skinny jeans makes me feel hip and cosy all at once, or quietly nabbing one of his baseball tees and tucking it in to my suede button down skirt for a relaxed take on the trend.

But more recently my passion has moved to my male best friend, or “mestie” if you will, in the form of his cosy, red, fantastically oversized knitted jumper which I fell for instantly.

Side note – he totally let me have it after a lot of persistent whining and begging so technically not stealing but still… emotional theft can’t be ruled out…


This knit goes with everything I swear – I have paired it with some black ripped jeans and heeled ankle boots for a friend’s baby shower (sounds unconventional but she’s not the pink and frills type I promise), and I am currently day dreaming of throwing it over all of my summer tea dresses for a grungy/pretty day time look.

And my latest combo comes in the form of comfy Sunday threads… think chilled shopping spree followed by a cosy pub lunch (plus the Nikes mean I could run for the bus which I do… a lot…)




So what’s your go to winter outfit? Loving the oversized trend as much as I do?

Let me know in the comments below…

Meanwhile I’m off to stalk my brother for his sweater…


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  1. Toad says:

    Haha ‘mestie’! The jumper looks great on you, I’m sure he’ll learn to live without it. I can’t really pull off massive oversized jumpers, my bust just makes everything look way too blocky so I do crop jumpers and layers of scarves and coats. Yes, multiple coats. All of the coats.


    1. Haha love my mestie! Yeah this is where my teeny boobs do come in handy – I can get away with baggier items without looking like a tent hehe! X


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