Talking About Travels…

When I first started this blog I explained that I will soon be on my travels with husband in hand. So I thought I should probably start talking about that… just a little…without sounding too smug I promise…

In just under 3 months we’ll be packed up and shipped off to barmy Bangkok and whilst we’ve done the big things… sorted out planes, paid for top notch travel insurance and been stuck with a bunch of nasties… I’ve only just thought about what’s really important… what I’m wearing of course!!

Now I am a pretty low maintenance kinda gal anyway so am trying to err on the side of more practical than pretty… but I don’t see why I can’t try to stay a bit more ‘suitable’ amidst all that scruffy!

So here are a few of my most recent purchases to hit that balance between London Fashioninsta and Indiana Jones…

1. Non-wire bra that doesn’t make me look like a little old nana… check! This one is from Debenhams and comes as part of a twin pack with a cute grey counterpart. It’s soft, super comfy and has just enough detail to make me feel the right side of girly.


2. Shorts which don’t show my whole arse… check! Trust the lovely GAP to give me some gorgeously soft cotton beauties that sit just above the knee to keep me modest too. I also LOVE the colour and hopefully it’s dark enough not to look too grubby come laundry day.


3. Finally – some sandals which allow my troubled feet to actually walk for more than 2 minutes without getting horribly painful arches… it’s gotta be Teva’s! Now I left these to last as the fashion conscious side of my brain is still not sure about them… but they are just SO comfy that that side will just have to get over it!


The colours are all fairly neutral so I will try to continue building my capsule travel wardrobe on this premise with a few funky brights purchased when we get over there… yes I’m talking hippie pants people!


So I’ve made a start… what do you think? Any must have’s to add to the list? Let me know in the comments below…

In the meantime, I’m off to Google microfiber towels…


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  1. Toad says:

    My mom wears a lot of Teva sandals, but she got frustrated and made me make her some attachments to sew onto the straps with beads so they were a bit more fancy. A little bit of clever velcro work meant they could be removed easily and all that. I love a comfy pair of sandals come the summer, but then I get seduced by the pretty ones in the high street shops and then the problems begin…


    1. I always gravitate towards the prettier sandals but inevitably they have less ankle and arch support which my poor little feet are in desperate need of! Hoping the addition of lots of anklets will up my Teva game 😀 x


  2. Izzy Watts says:

    Love your travel blog post! You’ve got some great bits there. I’ve been on the road for 10 months and all my pretty things are now broken, old or I’ve fallen out of love with so love seeing new outfit ideas on your blog! One additional item I have to recommend us a thin comfortable pair of trousers which are tightish round the ankle so not to let any mosquito’s in….I’m currently sat in Cairns, east Australia, after a night camping in the rainforest where I was so hot I slept in just small things and I’ve got over 40 bites and its horrible!!! So if you can find something like that I highly recommend!!


    1. Oh no that doesn’t sound nice or comfortable at all!! Great shout I will add it to the list! I have a pair of hippy style trousers which are elasticated around the ankles so I will add that in – plus they are super thin so can be rolled in to a tiny space 😀 x


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