Perfecting That Pout…

For those who know me they know I’m not exactly a beauty addict…

I can’t get on with foundations and I’ve never been in to eye shadows – don’t get me wrong I lust after a sultry smoky eye, get lost in the sparkle of a cheeky swipe of glitter and my friend could do the perfect eyeliner flick balancing on one foot whilst juggling with the other hand I swear… But for my deep set baby blues I struggle with not looking like I’ve just had a good old punch up!

So my makeup epiphany? LIPS!


A swipe of colour on the perfect pout can depict a ‘look’ in seconds – sultry sex bombs grab the reds, cheeky chicas go for candy pink and for those gothic gals a slightly smudged burgundy can hit the spot just like that.

So how about me? Well I like to have a few sticks up my sleeve to suit any situation….

Here are a few of my faves:

1. Classic Red



Whether you are attending a swanky do or just fancy adding a classic touch to an outfit, a red pout just screams sophistication with a little bit of sexy to me.

2. Pop Art Pink!



This is probably one of my favourite shades – a pop of bright pink makes a statement when leaving the rest of the face natural and can make a simple outfit fun and cheeky instantly!

3. Burgundy Beaut



This is a shade I did not naturally gravitate to but after trying it out I love how moody it is! It’s the perfect hit on a wintry day and a subtle nod to the gothic trend without going too ‘Halloween Vamp’ – it’s coming up people and you don’t want colleagues to start guessing your ‘costume’…!

4. Candy Shop Pastel



Another pink this pastel colour screams girly which for a self confessed tomboy is an easy way to get in to the chick flick spirit without bringing out the pom poms – its cute, bright and easily layered depending on my mood 😀

On a side note: whilst editing these shots I realised I had ZERO make-up on the rest of my face… now whilst I think it works for this post as it allows the lips to really stand out I promise I will try to be a bit more organised in future when doing a beauty post…!


So what do you think? Have a shade that makes you shake your tail feather?! Let me know in the comments below…

Now… I’m off to search for some chapstick to sooth my lips after all that pouting…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Toad says:

    Loving the colours! I find myself gravitating towards coral tones, sometimes almost orange. It seems to suit me. Either that or I go the complete opposite and go purple!


    1. Yes purple is awesome!! I really want to try out a lighter violet colour for summer next year – hopefully with a tan 😀 x


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